Automatic curve extraction from eps files

A few months ago I got sick of manually digitising curve data from files which I knew perfectly well contain the digital curve data already, so I wrote a python script that automatically extracts this data. It is extremely unpolished and unfriendly to use, but I have not been getting around to fixing it up so what the heck, I’ll just let you guys use it how it is, and maybe you’ll fix it for me :). There are a few limitations I’m afraid, but maybe it will work for the files you are interested in.

The script can be obtained from:

I believe. I haven’t used this bitbucket thing much so let me know if there are any problems. Theoretically there is also an issue tracking system. I have never used it but feel free to report issues there if you like!

There is also a wiki, which doesn’t contain much except for some very brief instructions on how to run the contraption. Let me know if something makes no sense and I’ll try to make it more clear. I wrote it quite quickly while rather tired so the quality is not likely to be high :).

Ok guess that’s it! Enjoy, or be horrified perhaps!


2 thoughts on “Automatic curve extraction from eps files

    • Bugger. Ok I think I have learned how to set permissions for the repository so try again :). The wiki and issue tracker should be public now also.

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